Block Icon

The Block Icon

Blocks are used to create and build levels. They can be earned by completing Campaign and online levels or by purchasing in the Shop. See Research for a list of block skins and upgrades.

List of Blocks

Normal Block Normal Block An ordinary normal block.
Ice Block Ice Block A slippery block. It is hard to control your character on it.
Spike Block Spike Block A deadly spiky block. Be aware and do not touch it!
Bouncy Block Bouncy Block When you touch the block, you bounce.
Ladder Block Ladder Block A ladder which you can climb up and down.
Overhead Ladder Block Overhead Ladder Block A ladder you can hang on and move left and right.
Gravity Block Gravity Block A block which will reverse the gravity when stepping on it.
Conveyor Block Conveyor Block A block that brings you towards the direction of its rotation. You can also hang on it!
Void Block Void Block A block you cannot jump on or kick off. It will slow down your movement too.
Cloud Block Cloud Block A block that disappears once you step on it. It respawns after a few seconds.
Stopper Block Stopper Block An invisible block to stop other blocks' movement. A bit advanced.
Message Block Message Block A block which displays popup message by hitting it from the bottom.
Collapse Block Collapse Block A block which collapses once you hit it from the bottom or the sides.
Wind Block Wind Block A block that pushes you away towards a certain direction.
Water Block Water Block A block you can swim in.

Unimplemented Blocks

Monster Block Monster Block
Slime Block Slime Block